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Genshiro borrowing mechanism allows you to use various assets as a collateral and borrow crypto with relatively low LTV. In order to take a loan, you need to provide something in return. Let us take a closer look on how the whole process works:
How to borrow crypto
Current LTV values are:
  • = 120% LTV - minimum LTV possible on Genshiro
  • ≤ 110% LTV - 24 hours warning, then liquidation
  • < 105% LTV - absolute liquidation
In order to take a loan, you need to provide something in return, which is called Collateral. Genshiro supports numerous assets which you can add as a collateral at the moment.
Like with every DeFi loans, once you've borrowed an asset you need to maintain your interest rate as well. This is called Borrower APR in Genshiro and starts as low as 1%.
Note: the actual Borrower APR depends on your portfolio volatility and can start as low as 1% when you use stablecoins as collateral.
Once you've deposited your collateral, you can select an asset you want to borrow. Right after you sign a transaction, borrowed assets will be transferred directly to your wallet, so you can start using it immediately.