If you want to stake your assets in Genshiro, secure loans in the system and receive rewards in GENS with relatively high APR - Earn tab is the place where you can set up your liquidity portfolio while also managing your liabilities and collecting rewards.

Let us briefly cover here the main functionality of our interface. If you want to look under the hood and learn more on how our innovative bailout mechanism works, then hop in Bailsman mechanics section.

First things first - in order to become bailsman and be eligible to stake assets, your portfolio should value at least $1,000. We also support portfolio staking. That means that you can deposit various assets to your liquidity portfolio: BTC, KSM, ETH, GENS, USDT, xDOT, CRV and much more.

Note: If you will deposit less than $1000 to your liquidity portfolio, you won't be able to receive staking rewards.

On the left side you can overview your liquidity portfolio, while on the right side you can manage your liabilities. You can add liquidity to your portfolio in any time. However, if you want to withdraw your liquidity, you need to repay all your liabilities first.

Note: Liabilities is the fraction of liquidated borrowers debt. As a bailsman you are securing loans in our system and receiving staking rewards for that.

Your staking rewards will appear in your liquidity portfolio automatically. You can track allocation allocation of your rewards as well as liabilities via History.

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